Behind the Scenes of 3D Printer Reviews

Behind The Scenes Of 3D Printer Reviews

I’ve been watching Fabbaloo friend Joel Telling’s series of videos on his testing of the Craftbot FLOW IDEX XL, and the process seems quite familiar to me.

3D Systems

An Ode to the Now-Departed Cube

I’ve just noticed that 3D Systems discontinued their final Cube 3D printer earlier this year, a milestone of sorts. 

3D Systems

Unbelievable Media Coverage of 3D Printing

This morning I noticed a story from an obscure website detailing an announcement from 3D Systems about a product they introduced three years ago!

3D Systems

BREAKING: 3D Systems Kills The Cube – And Cubify!

In retrospect perhaps not the most surprising development, 3D printing giant 3D Systems has discontinued the Cube, their flagship consumer 3D printer option. Why did this happen? 


Cube Wins Award

The entry-level Cube personal 3D printer from Cubify has been placed on the list of “Top 10 Gadgets” at the Gitex Technology Week, which is


3D Printing The Enterprise

There’s more 3D printed Star Trek with a view of this video by PC Magazine, who took on the task of 3D printing the Starship

33D Systems

Massive News: Staples To Sell The Cube

Truly spectacular news today: Staples, one of the leading office supply retailers in the USA announced it would begin selling 3D Systems’ entry level personal


A Bit More on the CubeX 3D Printer

At CES we discussed the design of 3D System’s new CubeX personal 3D printer with Ian Adkins, the original developer of the BFB line of

3D Systems

Cubify Now Macify’d

3D Systems has abruptly introduced a new version of their Cube 3D printer management software (Cubify) specifically for OSX. This is a major step by

3D Systems

That Sticky Cube

We managed to examine 3D Systems’ latest personal 3D printer, the Cube, in person at Rapid 2012. The colorful unit was much as we expected,

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