MixFab’s Mixed-Reality 3D Design Approach

The most significant barrier to widespread 3D printing adoption is the difficulty of mastering 3D CAD software. MixFab hopes to overcome that with a new approach. 


Hands on with the Geomagic Touch

We managed to get our hands on a Geomagic Touch Haptic Device and found it provides a surprising experience. 


Haptic A-Go-Go

Anarkik3D has opened a crowd funding initiative at IndieGoGO to raise money for enhancements to their Cloud9 haptic 3D modeling software. The project’s goal is


Haptic Printing Experiment

Not sure about 3D printing and want to experience it? Really experience it? Now there’s a way to do so in which you (personally) become


Video: Using Haptic Tech for 3D Design

Artist Farah Bandookwala describes her experience using a haptic input device to design wonderful 3D sculptures. Haptic technology is the ability to “touch” a model


Everyone Can Be On Cloud9!

We’ve learned that AnarkikAngels has just released a new release of their easy-to-use haptic 3D modelling software, Cloud9 v2.1 – but this one has no


Cool Stuff Collective Covers 3D Printing

The Cool Stuff Collective is a new UK-based kids show, where, well, “cool stuff” is demonstrated to children by well-known presenter Sy Thomas. In their


Cloud9 V2 Leads to Chameleon Bliss

A flurry of press releases rained down upon us this week to announce the availability a new version of Anarkik Angels’ amazing software modelling tool


A 3D Design Alternative

We received a follow up comment regarding our post “Poor Man’s 3D Printing: The Design” from A1 technologies, marketers of a variety of 3D gear.

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