Haptic A-Go-Go

Anarkik3D has opened a crowd funding initiative at IndieGoGO to raise money for enhancements to their Cloud9 haptic 3D modeling software. The project’s goal is sufficient funding for two full time programmers to develop the improvements, which means USD$120,000 by June 27th.    We think this is important, because, as Anarkik3D’s CEO Ann Marie Shillito… Continue reading Haptic A-Go-Go

Video: Using Haptic Tech for 3D Design

Artist Farah Bandookwala describes her experience using a haptic input device to design wonderful 3D sculptures. Haptic technology is the ability to “touch” a model using physical feedback mechanisms. This changes the design process significantly from conventional 3D design methods to something perhaps more akin to traditional art approaches. She’s been using the Cloud9 software/hardware… Continue reading Video: Using Haptic Tech for 3D Design

Everyone Can Be On Cloud9!

We’ve learned that AnarkikAngels has just released a new release of their easy-to-use haptic 3D modelling software, Cloud9 v2.1 – but this one has no time limits. As far as we can tell, this means it’s free for use. According to Ann Marie Shillito of AnarkikAngels:   Up to now we have limited the license for… Continue reading Everyone Can Be On Cloud9!

Cool Stuff Collective Covers 3D Printing

The Cool Stuff Collective is a new UK-based kids show, where, well, “cool stuff” is demonstrated to children by well-known presenter Sy Thomas. In their first episode of September 13th of this year, they demonstrated 3D printing, but in a followup on September 20th they showed a related technology: haptic design. We’ve covered haptics previously,… Continue reading Cool Stuff Collective Covers 3D Printing

A 3D Design Alternative

We received a follow up comment regarding our post “Poor Man’s 3D Printing: The Design” from A1 technologies, marketers of a variety of 3D gear. They wished to point out one of their products, the Chameleon, might be considered as an inexpensive design alternative.    What is the Chameleon? It’s a hardware/software combination that enables… Continue reading A 3D Design Alternative