AM Center as Evolution: A Chat with XJet

The morning after XJet’s grand opening for the new Additive Manufacturing Center in Rehovot, Israel, I sat down with CBO Dror Danai to discuss the significance of the move.


A Grand Grand Opening for XJet

Israel-based XJet has opened a $10 million Additive Manufacturing Center, billed as the world’s largest for 3D printing of metals and ceramics.


Rize Rises on the Strength of Its Team

I spoke recently Rize’s Vice President of Product, Kishore Boyalakuntla, about the disruptive nature of additive manufacturing and what Rize brings to the market.


The Legalities of 3D Printing

As 3D printing continues to see adoption in industry, legal implications must be kept in mind: we speak to Elizabeth (Beth) D. Ferrill of IP law firm Finnegan.


Youbionic’s Vision for a More Bionic Future

Four years ago, Federico Ciccarese founded Youbionic; we’ve caught up with him about the latest updates in their use of technology to augment human capabilities.


Affordable Prosthetic Care with LifeNabled

I caught up with W. Brent Wright of LifeNabled to learn more about one team’s mission to broaden access to prosthetics and orthotics via 3D printing.


3 Decades of 3D Printing in 3 Stages

I caught up this week with Stefaan Motte, Vice President and General Manager of Software at Materialise, to discuss three decades of 3D printing in three stages.


What’s Happening At MakerBot?

A meteoric rise from nothing, corporate acquisition, management changes, layoffs and a new CEO. An interview with the new chief by Medium tells us about MakerBot’s plans. 


An Interview with Robox’s Chris Elsworthy

Robox makes personal 3D printers, but they’re also championing ways to make the experience plug and play. We spoke with CEO Chris Elsworthy to find out more. 


An Update From PrintrBot

At the recent 3D Printshow in London we ran into Brook Drumm, CEO of PrintrBot and got an update on their developments. 


Mazotta Checks out Robo3D

3D printing videographer Andrew Mazzotta took a swing by Robo3D’s San Diego offices to check out their operations. 


Five Questions With The Robox CEO

We managed to pose five questions to Robox’s CEO, Chris Elsworthy regarding their new personal 3D printer. And he answered. 


The Masters & Munn Code

Earlier this week our design of the week featured Icarus Had a Sister, by Masters & Munn. While we’re certain you’ll agree the work is


Léo Marius Interviewed

Remember that amazing 3D printed SLR camera? It was created by French designer Léo Marius, who recently was interviewed by Sculpteo.    In the interview,

Interview with a Volumental

After the launch of Volumental, a cloud-based 3D scanning service, we had questions. Questions about how the service can and will be used, and where


An Interview with Shapeways Bart Veldhuizen

Andrew Mazotta of 3D Hacker posted a video interview with Shapeways’ Bart Veldhuizen, recorded at Shapeways’ European headquarters in Eindhoven.    In the interview Mazotta

3D Systems

Avi Reichental Talks

3D Systems President and CEO Avi Reichental was interviewed by Huffington Post correspondent Lilia Ziamou. The interview material is basic, as it’s intended for folks


An Interview With Limor Fried

Fabbaloo recently caught up with Adafruit’s Limor Fried to discuss her views on 3D printing. Here’s the interview:    Fabbaloo: Adafruit recently partnered with MakerBot


The B9Creator Creator Speaks

Core77 published a detailed interview with Michael Joyce (of Deadwood, South Dakota), the creator of the B9Creator.    The B9Creator was a hugely successful Kickstarter


Slic3r Author Interviewed

RepRap’s Josef Prusa recently interviewed Slic3r author Alessandro Ranellucci in Prague.   Ranellucci initially used Skeinforge to prepare his 3D models for printing, as did most small


Hot Pop Factory

Two Toronto architects have used 3D printing technology to start a new business in their own home: designing and manufacturing jewelry. Matthew Compeau and Biying


Bre Speaks!

We recently contacted MakerBot chief Bre Pettis and asked him a few questions for this exclusive interview below. We have suspicions he and his crew


Hod Lipson in The Inquirer

There’s a terrific interview with 3D printing researcher Hod Lipson of Cornell University in The Inquirer.   Lipson discusses his life and how it led


3D Print Meat With Your Imagine 3D Printer

We spoke with Essential Dynamics Sales Manager, Stevie Green regarding their new personal 3D printer, the Imagine 3D Printer. As we reported earlier, this printer


Wohlers On 3D Printing Futures

At a recent seminar we were able to meet with 3D printing consultant Terry Wohlers. Terry has been a leading 3D printing and additive manufacturing


What’s Next for RapCAD?

Some months ago we wrote about a new 3D modeling software venture, RapCAD. We hadn’t heard too much about it recently, so we thought we’d


Gartner’s Jackie Fenn on 3D Printing

Fabbaloo interviewed Gartner Analyst Jackie Fenn, VP and Gartner Fellow covering Emerging Trends. Jackie writes on a variety of new technologies and approaches, one of


Puzzling BitTorrent and 3D Printing

  There’s a fascinating interview of Bram Cohen on the Shapeways Blog. That name sounds familiar? It should, because he’s the inventor of BitTorrent, that


An Interview with Sculptor Bathsheba Grossman

We’ve noticed Grossman before and been very impressed with her work. Now we find a full-length interview with the sculptor from Desktop Engineering Online, in


Desktop Factory is Ponoko’d

Our friends at the revolutionary manufacturing service Ponoko recently interviewed Cathy Lewis, CEO of Desktop Factory, the company attempting to market a quality 3D printer


Desktop Factory CEO Cathy Lewis, Part 2

Yesterday we posted part 1 of our interview with Desktop Factory CEO Cathy Lewis, in which she discusses some of the key issues facing the


Desktop Factory CEO Cathy Lewis, Part 1

Recently we had the opportunity to speak with Cathy Lewis, CEO of Desktop Factory, a company focused on delivering a breakthrough product for the 3D


Ponoko Exclusive

One of the most interesting companies in today’s fabrication space is Ponoko, a New Zealand based start-up that seems to be a mashup of a


Secrets of Desktop Factory

socalTech interviews Cathy Lewis, CEO of Desktop Factory. DesktopFactory is building a sub-$5000 3D printer suitable for many businesses and even home use. Their first

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