Formlabs Developing Reseller Program?

Formlabs Dodges The Reseller Barrier

I’ve noticed that Formlabs continues to grow their reseller program to market their 3D printing products.

3D Alliances

Evaluating Industrial 3D Printing Systems

With in-person industry events at a standstill, a new endeavor has launched to enable companies to meet and evaluate industrial 3D printing.


Sonda SYS Lands In North America

Sonda SYS has made arrangements to open up sales of their line of 3D printers in North America, gaining a new audience for their unusual SL02 dual-size machine.


More 3D Print Resellers Needed!

3D printer safety cabinet seeks resellers for their products, but it seems there are some barriers in the way.

$True Cost of 3D Printers

What Does A 3D Printer Really Cost?

What’s the true cost of a 3D printer? An accidental email spills the beans on how much resellers actually pay for 3D printers, and it’s less than you think.


Scammed By A Fake 3D Printer Vendor

There are few things more frustrating than to have your scammed out of your well-earned cash by distant parties.

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