3D Alliances

Evaluating Industrial 3D Printing Systems

With in-person industry events at a standstill, a new endeavor has launched to enable companies to meet and evaluate industrial 3D printing.


Builder Refines US Strategy

Builder, the Netherlands-based manufacturer of some very large 3D printers, has established their US marketing strategy. 


Should You Purchase a 3D Printer From A Reseller?

There are multiple ways to purchase a 3D printer these days, and often at low cost. One way is to use a reseller, particularly for unusual makes and models. 


A 2D Reseller in a 3D World

At a recent training session at the MakerBot headquarters in Brooklyn, NY, I happen to sit next to Vincent Colaianni, the Director of Sales Development at TGI Office Automation, a leading office technology provider that has been in business over 50 years. 


Le FabShop Transitions

Le Fab Shop is a France-based 3D print operation you may have heard of, but now they’re beginning a transition. 


Becoming3D Launches 3D Print Solutions

We’re checking out a new 3D print vendor, Becoming3D, who markets a variety of 3D printers, supplies and services. 


Bensons Has the BFB 3000

We’ve written about the BFB 3000 before: it’s a fully assembled 3D printer priced under  £2,000. Marketed in the UK and US by A1 Technologies,


Top 5 Reasons To Get Into the 3D Printer Market?

Channel Insider writes of five reasons they believe value added resellers should consider adding 3D printers to their catalog of products. Let’s examine their rationale:

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