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Why Did BASF Acquire Sculpteo?

3D print service Sculpteo is to be acquired by BASF, but why is a chemical company buying a service company, something they’ve never done before? We found out why.


Peeking Inside a 3D Print Operation

Sculpteo has published a fascinating report on how they handle 3D print jobs in their production facility, demonstrating the challenge of frequent 3D printing. 


Sculpteo un-Beta’s Their Smoothing System

3D print service Sculpteo announced testing of their mysterious smoothing system is now “out of its beta phase” and available to all. 


The Factory of the Future is Here. Are you ready?

At first blush, the factory of the future sounds like an airy concept. But the factory of the future is an idea that’s been around for a long time, and its actuality is being created right now. 


Sculpteo Launches FinalProof

Sculpteo launched FinalProof at CES 2015, the first realistic 3D printing preview feature.


Love By Me’s 3D Printed Heart

A new service jointly developed by Sculpteo and Dassault Systèmes hopes to provide lovers worldwide with a new option. 


Buy a 3D Printer or Use a Service?

Sculpteo has done a detailed analysis of the costs involved in choosing whether to use a 3D print service or buy your own 3D printer. We believe their analysis misses one important factor. 


Sculpteo’s Factory Button

If you’ve been learning about 3D printing, you’ll know that the best things to print are those that are one-offs. Unique, custom items that are


Sculpteo Partners with French Post Office

France-based 3D print service Sculpteo has partnered with the French post office, La Poste, to provide 3D print services at three locations in the Paris


Sculpteo’s New Materials

Last week Sculpteo announced the availability of two new materials for their 3D print service: Sterling Silver and Wax.   It’s an arms race between


3D Genealogy with My People’s Tree

A new app from eliumstudio provides an ability to generate 3D printed genealogical trees. My People’s Tree, available at no charge on the iTunes app


Sculpteo’s Strategy

At CES we dropped by the Sculpteo booth and had a chance to discuss the state of business with CEO and co-Founder Clément Moreau.   


Sculpteo’s Secret iPhone Case-Printing Service

We’ve been investigating Sculpteo’s new iPhone case service. You’ve seen these things before: select a cool iPhone case from a series of astounding designs and


Sculpteo Lowers Prices

3D print service Sculpteo has abruptly lowered their pricing for 3D models. Evidently their print volume must have increased sufficiently to permit more effective plastic


Sculpteo’s iPhone Case Design Challenge

We’re reviewing the winning entries to Sculpteo’s iPhone Case Design Challenge and we like what we see.    There are some very interesting designs, including


Sculpteo Introduces Color Ceramics

Growing 3D print service Sculpteo has introduced a little bit of color to their ceramic material options. Today you can choose from these tasty glazing


Sculpteo’s iPhone Case Contest

3D print service Sculpteo has launched an interesting contest for those interested in designing unique cases for iPhone 4’s. They’re seeking “the best iPhone 4


Tinkercad Now Sculpteos

Everyone’s favourite web-based 3D modeling software now has another partner: 3D print service Sculpteo. Previously Tinkercad could automatically send your 3D design directly to Materialise,


Sculpteo’s Cloud Engine

3D print service Sculpteo announced their “3D Printing Cloud Engine” that provides a way for websites to create online stores for 3D printed items.   


Sculpteo’s New App

3D print service Sculpteo just released a new iOS app that hooks directly into their service. With the app you can select a variety of


From iPad to Your Finger

The ubiquitous iPad is well known because the primary interface is, well, your finger. Sometimes more than one. Nevertheless, a new iPad app promises to


Sculpteo Sails Across the Sea

The 3D Print Service market just got a bit more interesting. France-based Sculpteo, whom we reported on some time ago, announced they now ship to

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