“Green” 3D Printer Filament?

We’re looking at a new proprietary 3D printer filament from Avante Technology that could qualify as “Green”. And we’re not talking about the color. 

More Evidence of 3D Printing’s Greenness

After our green filament post earlier discussion of 3D printing greenness continued and resulted in a pointer to a document posted by the American Chemical Society that investigates the electricity consumed and CO2 emitted by different manufacturing materials. What exactly did they examine?    The embodied energy and emissions from conventional large-scale production in low-labor… Continue reading More Evidence of 3D Printing’s Greenness

Measured: 3D Printing is Indeed Green

A report from Michigan Tech details the results of a study that attempted to determine the “greenness” of 3D printing. Their result: 3D printing is apparently significantly less energy-absorbing than conventional mass production.    You wouldn’t think so at first, because mass production is clearly a more efficient process due to the economies of scale.… Continue reading Measured: 3D Printing is Indeed Green

3D Printing Can Be Green

Eco-blog GreenProphet recognizes the potential green value of 3D printing in a recent post. They were inspired by Objet’s recent experiment in 3D printing an entire car dashboard (which, by the way, has been done before by 3D Systems as you can see an entire Mercedes dashboard in their lobby).    Objet’s automobile experiment attempted… Continue reading 3D Printing Can Be Green

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Tipster Jean-François Allie points us at a couple of very interesting projects that exploit 3D fabbing in a way we hadn’t considered: ReFabbing! The idea springs from observation of tremendous waste deposits of unused manufactured gear. For example, what happens with that old toothbrush, cell phone or other non-functional plastic thingy? They get thrown into… Continue reading ReFabbing!