3D Printable Model Repository For Ukaine Launched

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3D printable eyewash system [Source: 3D Models for Ukraine]

A group of companies launched a new website dedicated to storing 3D printable models for Ukraine.

The site was organized by Sygnis, a Polish company specializing in nano and bio-printing technologies. Partners in the initiative include several familiar names:

  • Fiberlogy, a Polish maker of high-quality 3D printer filament
  • Spectrum Filaments, another Polish filament provider
  • 3DON, a Polish reseller of 3D gear
  • Drukarki 3D, another Polish 3D reseller equipment and materials
  • TeenCrunch, a Polish service advising teenagers building startup companies
  • 3YOURMIND, a German software firm providing advanced 3D CAD inventory analysis and services
Companies partnering with Sygnis for Ukraine 3D print support [Source: 3D Models for Ukraine]

The site, titled “3D Models for Ukraine”, contains a (currently) short list of relevant 3D models that might be useful for Ukrainians in the conflict. The site explains:

“3D printing community arrives to help!

On this website you will find free to download and constantly updated list of 3D models dedicated for the needs of People of Ukraine.

Sygnis SA company created a joint venture to collect and design suitable 3D models, create easy-to-use instructions and promote 3D printing as the fastest way to obtain protective gear, equipment and accessories useful in the times of turmoil.”

Models include a number of simple safety and medical parts, such as tourniquets, elbow guards, eyewash system, etc. There is also a quadcopter project and a periscope, as well as shielding.

They list additional items they are currently “working on”:

  • CAT tourniquet
  • Simple models of buckles and clips
  • Adaptation of periscopes to other tube diameters
  • Smoke grenades
  • Diversionary mine mock-ups

It’s not specifically stated how the site is to be used, but presumably those with 3D printing capability in Ukraine can access the models and produce whatever parts are required. The site does provide some advice, saying the parts can be printed in any handy common material, but recommends avoiding bright colors if possible.

The site encourages visitors to “join us”, and that might be by providing printing services, or perhaps by supplying additional 3D models. I suspect there are plenty of interesting 3D models that could complement the current list of items.

If any readers are interested in helping out, I suggest you contact the site coordinator, Bartłomiej Jarkiewicz (email). Full contact information is available on the site.

I wish a site like this was not necessary, but we are where we are, and it is necessary. Help out if you can.

Via 3D Models for Ukraine

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