3devo Introduces Three-Phase Approach, Enhancing 3D Printing Project Success

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Making custom 3D printer filament on the desktop [Source: 3devo]

3devo has launched a new business approach, and it’s one that other 3D print companies should adopt.

If you haven’t heard of 3devo, they are a Netherlands-based company that began building desktop filament-making machines ten years ago.

Filament production might seem straightforward, but it’s actually quite complex and requires highly precise tuning of speeds, temperatures and materials. Many companies launched over the past decade with the intent to make this type of equipment. It turns out that’s it’s easy to extrude a filament, but extraordinarily challenging to reliably extrude filament that can be successfully used in a 3D printer.

Almost all of these companies failed, with the exception of 3devo.

Through ingenious design the company was able to produce a commercial device that can accept pellets or scraps and produce usable filament. They figured out how to make filament without resorting to the massive production line approach used by the major manufacturers.

Today the company sells their equipment mostly to labs and industry where experimental and commercially unavailable filaments are required. The cost of the equipment is just a bit too high for consumer use, but that’s because of the engineering required to produce usable filament.

While they’ve got the hardware and software figured out at this point, they now have optimized their business process. In a recent announcement they revealed a new way of working with customers. They write:

“With 3devo, you have the power to create your own 3D printing filament using recycled polymers or novel materials. Our Filament Makers and expert knowledge empower innovators to unlock the possibilities of 3D printing.

But we go beyond just equipment – we guide you at every step, working with you to turn your ideas into successful, tangible projects.”

The new approach involves three phases:

  • Discovery Phase: Idea Exploration
  • Core Project Phase: Implementation
  • Advanced Phase: Completion and Beyond

The concept involves listening to the client and determining their needs. This is so important because 3devo clients — and indeed most 3D print clients for other companies — typically don’t know how to proceed in the initial stages. Without guidance, incorrect equipment may be acquired, which wastes time and resources.

3devo wants to get involved at the very beginning to ensure their clients follow a path towards the equipment and processes that should meet their needs. This should ensure a more successful experience using their products and services.

The second phase illustrates this process. They write:

“Together, we develop a strategy that aligns with your objectives. Our tailored project roadmaps will guide you from concept to completion.”

Don’t get me wrong; there are other companies that do this. The big difference here is that 3devo has made this approach front and center on their marketing materials, and no doubt changed their internal procedures to match.

The visibility of their approach will almost certainly attract clients that would otherwise be unsure of how to proceed. Making clients comfortable is always a good thing.

I’m sure this will be a successful strategy for 3devo. It’s my hope that other 3D print companies take on a similar approach and make their clients even more successful.

Via 3devo

By Kerry Stevenson

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