3DPN Acquires 3DPMN And 3DPBM; New Entity To Be Known As 3DPNMNBM

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3DPN Acquires 3DPMN and 3DPBM; New Entity To Be Known as 3DPNMNBM
3D print media kingpin Joel Telling [Source: 3DPN / YouTube]

Big moves in the 3D print world today, with several media organizations combining forces.

Specifically, 3DPN (a.k.a 3D Printing Nerd) has acquired 3DPMN (a.k.a 3D Print Media Network) and also the related 3DPBM (a.k.a 3D Print Business Media).

Corporate mergers are not uncommon these days, as many parties are trying their best to grow by leveraging each others’ capabilities. Finding synergies between companies could be the key corporate 3D printing skill of the early ’20s.

Terms of the deal were not made public, but it likely involves exchange of private shares behind the scenes as none of the parties are publicly traded, as well as a tasty-sized cash infusion. As far as we can tell, the deal closes today, April 1st.

The combined entity will immediately become a media giant in the 3D print world, with a strong presence on both web and video, as well as significant consulting services.

One of the challenges of combining forces is naming. In some cases, the old brands fade away into the acquiring brand. In other cases the acquirer assumes the branding of the acquired if it’s more well-known. Often an entirely new name is invented and old brands discarded.

However, this arrangement seems to be a case where branding is combined, much like “Johnson & Johnson”, “Fiat Chrysler”, “Price Waterhouse Coopers”, or “Amazon”. Well, maybe not that last one.

The decision was to brand the new entity as “3DPNMNBM”, a highly logical combination of the original brands, which should easily be recognizable by all parties.

This is an outstanding choice for a brand, as it should be entirely unique in the Google index, and one that’s totally memorable, although perhaps not as easy to spell correctly. If you can, though, you’l be sure to find it easily in a search.

I was curious about the process involved in selecting the new 3DPNMNBM name, and I reached out to 3DPN CEO Joel Telling, who told us:

“I think this was the right move since before I was missing an M, and now I have two.”

Everyone needs an M. Or two.

Via 3DPN, 3DPMN and 3DPBM

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