3DPrinterOS Now Includes Formlabs 3D Printer Support

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Managing Formlabs equipment from within 3DPrinterOS [Source: 3DPrinterOS]

3D Control Systems announced the latest version of 3DPrinterOS will support Formlabs equipment.

3DPrinterOS has been around for many years, and is a cloud-based solution for 3D printer management. Originally a way to make “dumb” 3D printers smarter by connecting them to the Internet and operating them from a cloud, the service has transformed into a full-scale 3D printer farm management system.

It’s possible to connect a wide variety of 3D printers to 3DPrinterOS, where an operator can store files, prepare & slice print jobs, dispatch work, monitor print progress and track statistics. Even better, all this can be done from any location as the service operates from a cloud on the Internet, and no application is required: you just use a web browser to sign into 3DPrinterOS.

The service is particularly useful when multiple 3D printers are involved. It’s possible to queue up multiple jobs, simplifying work for operators and gaining maximum efficiency from a fleet of machines.

Since multiple types of 3D printers can be connected to 3DPrinterOS, operator workflow and training can be vastly simplified: the standard 3DPrinterOS interface can be used to manage all the different 3D printer models connected to the account, even if these machines normally require unique management software.

3DPrinterOS has been gradually adding support for different machines to the service ever since it launched. Initially FFF equipment was added since most devices used similar data interfaces and in many cases the same firmware. Since then 3DPrinterOS has been quite busy adding support for a variety of other equipment, including professional and industrial equipment.

But one brand hadn’t been added: Formlabs. The very popular equipment line of resin 3D printers normally uses its own integrated software solution, which we believe to be one of the best in the business.

Apparently the requests for Formlabs integration have been loud. 3DPrinterOS Founder John Dogru explained:

”For over five years, Formlabs in-cloud slicing has been the number one request from 3DPrinterOS users. We are extremely excited and proud to finally offer the community one-click print now available for Formlabs 3D printers, straight from the web browser, with no downloads. Simply upload your part, and it’s instantly sliced in the cloud or private servers, ready to print and scale across an infinite number of users, printers, and locations.”

3DPrinterOS now supports all the Formlabs equipment, including not only the SLA machines (Form 2, Form 3+, Form 3L, Form 3B, Form 3BL), but also the company’s SLS system, the Fuse 1. Presumably new models will be added to 3DPrinterOS should they be announced by Formlabs in the future.

A quick check online shows me that the “Add Printer” menu in 3DPrinterOS includes well over 1,000 different 3D printers, which has to be the most prolific support list of any 3D printing cloud management service.

Now that list includes Formlabs, too.

Via 3DPrinterOS

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