A 3D Printer Manufacturer You May Not Know: MINGDA

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A 3D Printer Manufacturer You May Not Know: MINGDA
Assembling 3D printers [Source: MINGDA]

I encountered a 3D printer manufacturer I hadn’t heard from before, MINGDA.

There are plenty of 3D printer manufacturers around the world these days, so it’s not surprising there are some that I don’t know yet. However, in this case I should have known, because MINGDA is vastly larger than I had imagined.

It is hard for those of us in the West to understand what happens in China, as we have little contact, especially these days with most of the tradeshows shut down. There’s also cultural differences and timezones that can make contact more difficult at times.

Nevertheless, Shenzhen-based MINGDA was brought to my attention, so I checked them out.

I was amazed at their extensive product line, because most of the lesser-known manufacturers tend to produce a product or two, usually equipment using identical processes. That’s definitely not the case with MINGDA.

3D Scanner features [Source: MINGDA]

The company produces five industrial-grade 3D printers, three machines designed for educational markets, three “DIY” machines, and four different resin 3D printers, as well as filaments, resin, 3D scanners, and a series of parts and accessories. Their website suggests they also sell 3D pens, and even post-processing gear, but currently there are no products visible in those categories.

Industrial 3D printers awaiting shipment to clients [Source: MINGDA]

Their latest industrial 3D printer is the MD-4H, which has build volume of 300 x 200 x 200 mm, and a heated enclosure. It includes a number of production-ready features, like power-off / resume, UPS, swappable nozzles, and jam detection. The MD-4H also sports a 1cm thick solid aluminum heat bed that can be heated to 110C for use of a wide variety of engineering materials.

The MD-1000 Pro industrial 3D printer [Source: MINGDA]

Their largest device is the MD-1000 PRO, which is similar to the MD-4H, but has a 1000 x 1000 x 1000 mm build volume. That’s huge! This device includes silent TMC2209 stepper drivers, linear rails, automatic calibration and also that 1cm thick aluminum print plate. This machine weighs almost 500kg!

A MINGDA video shows some of their operations:

Note the scale of the operations. There are multiple views of dozens of machines and workers, evidently capable of producing quite a volume of products. They say they are producing about 10,000 units per month this year.

Assembling resin 3D printers [Source: MINGDA]

The company was founded in 2009, and over that time they’ve gathered over 60 patents and have been shipping to 160 countries.

The patent wall at MINGDA [Source: MINGDA]

As you can see, this is a significant 3D printer company, quite a bit larger than many I deal with. So why haven’t we in the West heard much from them? I suspect it’s a marketing issue, which is common when cultures need to be connected. I’ve never seen MINGDA at any of the numerous 3D print tradeshows I’ve attended, nor have I seen their products sold by resellers, although they do say they have warehouses in the US and Europe. There may be some, but they don’t seem to be as prominent as others.

I’m told MINGDA is currently looking for resellers for their new Rock 3 PRO device, which is a consumer 3D printer with a very large build volume of 320 x 320 x 400 mm. If you happen to be a reseller looking for more product, perhaps you could check out this opportunity. Who knows, it might lead to some industrial sales with MINGDA.

Via MINGDA (Chinese)

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