A Change Of The Guard At Women In 3D Printing

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Kristin Mulherin, the new President of Women in 3D Printing [Source: Women in 3D Printing]

Women in 3D Printing made a big change in their management structure.

The non profit, volunteer organization, founded seven years ago by Nora Touré, is dedicated to advancing the diversity at additive manufacturing organizations. Touré began this effort individually years ago as she experienced challenges working in the overly-male dominated space.

The organization has grown very significantly since its inception. Starting with local meetup groups to create communities and establish forums to discuss and celebrate diversity, they’ve since added appearances at conferences and even launched their own, highly successful conference, TIPE. Today the organization is truly global, with thousands of participants and they’re making a difference in the workplace.

Fabbaloo has supported “Wi3DP” and their goals from the beginning, and we’ll continue to do so.

All this time, Touré has been the organization’s president, coordinating all activities. Now, that’s to change.

The new CEO is Kristin Mulherin. Wi3DP tells Mulherin’s story:

“New Wi3DP President Kristin Mulherin has deep roots in the additive manufacturing industry. She has held leadership positions across various disciplines at companies including HP and Dyndrite, in addition to founding 3D printing consultancy AM-Cubed. Mulherin has deep familiarity with Wi3DP’s internal operations, having been chapter ambassador in Portland, Oregon and a member of the Wi3DP Board of Directors. Mulherin also heads sponsorship opportunities and sits on the executive committee of the TIPE 3D Printing by Wi3DP conference.”

Mulherin said:

“Nora has created a global organization that has seen explosive growth in recent years. Along with the rest of the executive team, I look forward to supporting the men and women of this community, increasing our partnerships across both additive and traditional manufacturing, and providing the support to further develop our initiatives, such as the NextGen and DEI programs. I have grown tremendously with this community, both personally and professionally, and I’m honored to be taking over the presidency.”

Nora Touré [Source: Women in 3D Printing]

But what happens to Touré? She’s not going away, not in the slightest. Her new role is Chair of the Wi3DP Board of Directors, where she will help direct the strategy for the organization as it moves forward.

I’ve been impressed by Wi3DP’s growth, particularly in the past two years. That growth demands more management attention, and that’s what’s happening with this management change. Touré’s original goals are still in force, and we at Fabbaloo wish them the best.

Via Women in 3D Printing

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