AMAIZE AI Co-Pilot for AM to be Integrated into EOS Printers

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The software from 1000 Kelvin promises to increase productivity and accelerate engineering speed.

AMAIZE, an AI-based co-pilot platform for additive manufacturing developed by 1000 Kelvin, is going to be integrated into the EOS software suite. The deep integration significantly expedites production workflows and enhances the engineering process for customers worldwide. AMAIZE offers a flexible, seamlessly integrated workflow with machine OEMs, which improves part production and significantly reduces trial & error when developing print-ready parts.

Martin Steuer, EOS’s SVP Software Division, commented, “AMAIZE’s AI predictive capabilities enable a paradigm shift from physical to digital iteration. This is an important step forward to the industrialization of additive manufacturing.

Coupled with its robust cybersecurity, AMAIZE represents a significant advancement in cloud-based solutions for the industry. We’re pleased that EOS customers have now access to this value-added service within our open ecosystem platform and our EOS Developer Network Partner 1000 Kelvin.”

With this strategic integration, 1000 Kelvin empowers customers in industries including aerospace, energy, and contract manufacturing to harness cutting-edge AI, streamlining their design processes, slashing engineering costs by up to 80%, and accelerating the introduction of new additive manufacturing (AM) products.

Omar Fergani, CEO of 1000 Kelvin, further explained, “The integration with EOS software is a testament to the open architecture of EOS products and the extensive resources of the EOS Developer Network (EDN). These factors have allowed us to seamlessly incorporate the EOSPRINT APIs into our platform, ensuring that our customers can effortlessly benefit from the combined strengths of our technologies.”

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