Anycubic’s Fan Festival with Major Discounts on 3D Printers

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Three 3D printers available at discount prices [Source: Anycubic]

I’m not quite sure how we missed this, but Anycubic is currently running an enormous contest and sale on their 3D printing equipment.

They call it their “Fan Festival”, and it’s been running since February 5th. There’s two parts to the festival. The first part is a contest with a number of fabulous prizes, with the grand prize being a “year’s supply of material”. That specifically means a whopping 120kg of material. This part of the contest closed on February 25th.

However, there’s a big second part to the festival, and it involves big discounts to a wide range of their well-regarded products. Some of the discounts are pretty notable.

Let’s take a look at the discounts that are available from now until March 26th.

Anycubic Photon M5S Pro

This MSLA resin 3D printer is one of our favorites, and we’re currently testing one. We previously tested and quite liked the M5S, and the Pro model is sure to be even better.

It has a 14K LCD panel, with 13312 x 5120 px resolution, able to produce extraordinary good quality prints. This is one of the very few inexpensive resin 3D printers that includes an on board heating system.

During the festival, the Photon M5S Pro is discounted US$100 to only US$479.

Anycubic Kobra 2 Max

We’ve been fans of the Kobra series for quite a while, and use them often. They are desktop FFF machines, and the recent models have extreme high speed 3D printing capability. Note that the machines include accelerometers to permit the most precise calibration, as well as a highly advanced automated leveling system.

During the festival Anycubic is offering the Kobra 2 Max at a discounted price of only US$479. That gets you a reliable, very high speed 3D printer that has an enormous build volume of 420 x 420 x 500 mm. Imagine being able to print huge objects — in record time.

Anycubic Photon X 6K

At a lower price point, Anycubic has included the Photon X 6K in the festival discounts. This MSLA resin 3D printer has a 6K LCD panel able to produce very good quality prints, and 196 x 122 x 200 mm build volume.

This machine is offered during the festival at only US$269, a very good price for a very competent resin 3D printer.

Those prices are very good for the machine value. If you’re in the market for a resin or FFF device, please check out Anycubic’s Fan Festival.

Via Anycubic

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