Aurora Tech’s Innovative 3D Printer Price Tracking Website

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Excerpt from recent price changes on the 3D printer price tracker [Source: Aurora Tech Channel]

A new desktop 3D printer price tracker has emerged.

The folks from the Aurora Tech YouTube channel have put together an interesting website that tracks the price changes on popular and current desktop 3D printers.

They’ve developed some kind of price scraping system that updates every hour, and tracks common 3D printers. As of this writing, they are tracking 82 different FFF models. Manufacturers covered include:

  • Anycubic
  • Bambu Lab
  • Comgrow
  • Creality
  • Elegoo
  • Flashforge
  • Flying Bear
  • Kingroon
  • Prusa
  • QiDi
  • Sovol

Their database tracks the following information about each FFF device:

  • Price in USD
  • Build volume
  • Motion system style
  • Kinematic style
  • Hot end and Build plate maximum temperatures
  • Firmware used
  • Enclosed or not
  • Automatic bed leveling
  • Automatic Z-Gap setting

For resin 3D printers, the tracker currently has 19 entries, with only three manufacturers in their database:

  • Anycubic
  • Creality
  • Elegoo

Data fields tracked for resin 3D printers includes:

  • Price in USD
  • Build volume
  • Panel size and resolution
  • Light engine technology
  • Maximum print speed
  • Automated leveling or not
  • Motion system
  • Air filtration
  • Automatic resin feeding
  • Print connection options

The website always list the most recent price changes, so it’s easy to see when a vendor has dropped the price of a model. Most of the time the prices drop slightly, as it is the “race to the bottom” after all. However, sometimes vendors do raise prices. This typically occurs after a product launch to rest prices to standard after an early bird price level.

This is a unique project and would be of great interest to those seeking the best cost for specific 3D printer models.

Via Aurora Tech Channel

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