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This week’s selection is “THE 3D PRINTING ADVENTURE” by Hargurdeep Singh, Harman Jot, and Saba Ijaz.

Unlike most of the books we recommend each week, this book is targeted directly at children. You won’t find detailed technical stuff anywhere inside, but you will find easy to read sentences, colorful illustrations and a good story about 3D printing.

The story focuses on a young lad named Jack who is enamored with the idea of spaceships. Jack draws many spaceships, but in the story realizes that he could not only draw them, but also 3D print them!

The book’s recommended ages range from 5-11, meaning this is a book a parent could easily read to their child, along with other children’s books.

I often read books to my own children, and I carefully selected those books to ensure they conveyed a useful message about life to them. However, at that time there were really no children’s books focused on 3D printing.

But this book is all about that.

Sharing this book with a child just might help them understand the notion of digital manufacturing and set them an interesting course for their future. Much later in life when the child is in school and introduced to such concepts, they’ll have a basic understanding — and perhaps might have even done some 3D printing on their own.

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