Axtra3D Welcomes Industry Veteran Rajeev Kulkarni as Chief Strategy Officer from 3D Systems

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Rajeev Kulkarni joins Axtra3D [Source: Axtra3D]

There’s big news from Axtra3D: their new Chief Strategy Officer comes to the role from 3D Systems.

The person in question is Rajeev Kulkarni, who has been active in the 3D space since the 90’s. He’s one of the most experienced 3D print executives and well-regarded in the industry.

Rajeev Kulkarni back in 2011 [Source: Fabbaloo]

I first met Rajeev way back in 2011, when he was in a lead role at 3D Systems. At that time they were considering the impact of the then-new desktop 3D printers that were coming onto the market.

Axtra3D writes:

”Kulkarni’s experience in 3D printing spans decades of executive leadership. He is a seasoned entrepreneur whose rich history in the 3D printing field traces back to the early 1990s. Most recently, Kulkarni served as the Vice President of Strategy and Corporate Development at 3D Systems. His extensive expertise spans technical realms, business strategy, innovation, and entrepreneurship. As a co-founder of two angel funds, he has proven to be an invaluable angel investor, steering numerous ventures toward their full potential.”

While this move is a huge step for Axtra3D, geographically Axtra3D’s Charlotte headquarters isn’t that far from 3D Systems’ HQ is only a 25 minute drive away. Kulkarni won’t have far to go.

But why Axtra3D? It’s possible that the technology is the key in this change. Axtra3D manufactures a unique resin 3D printer that makes use of both MSLA and laser technology at the same time.

The idea is to combine the best of both technologies: MSLA tech can very quickly polymerize the bulk of each layer, while the laser can provide extremely crisp and accurate perimeters. The result is high quality output that is obtained with very rapid speeds. They say the resulting combination, which they call HPS (“Hybrid Photosynthesis”) is able to achieve rapid print speeds, but at the same time provide excellent resolution.

Sample electrical connector made by Axtra3D [Source: Fabbaloo]

That should be quite attractive to customers, and from we’ve seen Axtra3D has been diligent in identifying many new applications for their technology. Kulkarni’s addition will certainly boost that process.

On the other side, 3D Systems loses a valuable and long-time team member. The company has been having struggles with the investment markets in recent weeks, with their company valuation dropping notably. For a long time they were at the top of our weekly leaderboard, but this year have slipped down to fifth place.

3D Systems isn’t alone in that respect; it seems that at least some of the investment community is moving on from large-scale 3D print investments, contributing to the lowered valuations.

But the 3D Systems story for Kulkarni is over, and now the Axtra3D story begins.

Via Axtra3D

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