Book of the Week: A Beginner’s Guide To Using A Circular Sock Knitting Machine

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A Beginner’s Guide To Using A Circular Sock Knitting Machine [Source: Amazon]

This week’s selection is “A Beginner’s Guide To Using A Circular Sock Knitting Machine: Machine With Metal Needles” by Harry Rogers.

This is a book about building a sock-knitting machine. Yes, a machine that will literally produce socks for you from yarn.

That may sound ambitious, and it is. This is a relatively complex machine that is not only animated, but actually produces useful output. If you were to build this machine, you’d then have a small sock factory of your own.

Normally complex 3D printed projects are composed of a bunch of printable parts and a sheet of assembly instructions. Here we have a 250 page book that explains everything you need to know about building — and operating — a sock-making machine.

The book begins with a discussion of the purpose of the machine, and its major components, as it’s important to understand how the system works before engaging in the build process.

One of the chapters delves into the proposition of 3D printing the sock machine, which is one option for acquiring the device. Another is to restore an older device, but we prefer the former.

A major portion of the book digs deep into the operation of a sock making machine. Several different ways to operate the device are explained, as well as how to handle various issues that may arise during operations.

Everyone needs socks, and some of us might want to make a machine to produce them. This is the book that will get you there.

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