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Construction 4.0 [Source: Amazon]

This week’s selection is “Construction 4.0: An Innovation Platform for the Built Environment” by Anil Sawhney, Michael Riley and Javier Irizarry.

Construction isn’t the first thing one thinks of when considering 3D printing technology, but it certain will be in the very near future. There are multiple growing operations making use of innovative new construction 3D printers that can produce building-sized prints in concrete.

However, the technology is so new that virtually all construction companies have little knowledge or understanding of how it could be properly used in their business.

That’s what this book is about, at least partly.

The authors propose there is a growing confluence of new technologies that will dramatically alter the process of construction in coming years. They believe these technologies are not being taught to practitioners in a complementary manner, hence the origin of this book.

Some of the other technologies in question include Building Information Modeling (BIM), lean principles, digital technologies and offsite construction. The digital technologies include things like sensors, robots, IoT approaches, drones and much more.

3D printing is considered from both an onsite direct printing method as well as offsite component production, where parts are printed and shipped to the build site for installation.

There’s much to consider, as the construction industry has never seen so many important technologies arrive simultaneously. Given the highly competitive nature of the construction industry, it’s likely that some will taken advantage of at least a few of these technologies.

However, the real benefits will come to fruition when the majority are integrated into a construction firm’s operations.

This book provides an overview of the technologies by examining different aspects of technologies as they apply to construction practices.

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