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Dancing with Robots [Source: Amazon]

This week’s selection is “Dancing With Robots: The 29 Strategies for Success In the Age of AI and Automation” by Bill Bishop.

If you haven’t noticed the world around you is starting to change in unexpected ways. At the moment the signs are only at the periphery, but in coming years things we see today as mere amusements will dramatically change a great deal of how we go through life.

I’m speaking of multiple technological concepts that have been under development for multiple years, but only now have gained traction and acceptance among early adopters. As the technologies are refined, they will assume more prominent roles in our daily procedures.

I speak of things like big data, AI, robotics, high speed wireless networks, quantum computing and of course, 3D printing. As we’ve seen in the 3D print world, the technology has been rapidly advancing and is now at the point where consumers can easily acquire 3D print technology that a decade or two ago would have been considered of professional quality.

That same growth sequence is also occurring in quite a number of other technologies, so we can expect similar outcomes.

Complicating the situation even further is the fact that these technologies can be combined to create even more powerful solutions. Consider the case of a 3D printer, operated by a robot, that used AI to generate a 3D model, which was inspired by analysis of large-scale data collected from wireless devices.

The possibilities are endless, and they will no doubt shuffle the economic deck. Some jobs will be lost forever, but others will be created, likely even more than today.

How is one to navigate through this changing world successfully? What should a business and individuals do to grasp on to the coming wave of changes and not only survive, but thrive?

This book addresses exactly that. Bishop examines in detail 29 proposed strategies for working in the coming state of world-breaking change.

Some of Bishop’s strategies are obvious, like “increase well-being using fewer resources”. That’s traditional automation, although in the future it will no doubt be superpowered as compared to today.

Other strategies are more intriguing and complex, like “Build a Platform of Platforms”, or “Transcend and Integrate”.

Regardless, this book is the first one I’ve seen that attempts to focus the reader on the forthcoming situation that we’ll all find ourselves deep within.

We’ll all indeed be dancing with robots.

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