Book of the Week: Futureproof: 9 Rules for Surviving in the Age of AI

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Futureproof: 9 Rules for Surviving in the Age of AI [Source: Amazon]

This week’s selection is “Futureproof: 9 Rules for Surviving in the Age of AI” by Kevin Roose.

You have probably heard an increasing buzz about “AI” in the news and online lately. This is actually the tiniest you’ll ever see of AI, as this revolutionary technology is set to grow exponentially in the next months and years.

If you’re used ChatGPT and in particular GPT-4, you will understand the truly astonishing power of these tools, which can perform certain types of work almost instantaneously.

The most important thing to understand is that these tools are in motion. Later this year, OpenAI will no doubt release GPT-5, along with similar products from competitors including Google. These new tools will be much more powerful than GPT-4, and that’s still not the end.

If you see some aspects of work or life changing now, consider that the “line” of automation is moving, and moving very quickly. NVIDIA recently stated they expect the tech to be a million times more powerful within the decade. Where that will lead us, no one knows.

As members of the 3D print community, we will also be deeply affected by this upcoming societal shift, which could be as impactful as the Industrial Revolution or even the invention of agriculture.

Our 3D printers are in fact small, specialized robots. Robots that are controlled digitally, thus making them an important potential platform for AI enhancement.

We’ve already seen some work in this area. Several companies now offer “Spaghetti detection” vision systems that can stop a 3D printer if a print begins to fail. We’ve also seen industrial 3D printers begin to use AI techniques to manage the laser melting process, sometimes in real time.

These are the merest beginning of what might be possible in the future with the advanced AI technologies that could be available soon.

What are we to do about this?

It’s quite unclear how things might unfold, but one important thing everyone should do is pay attention to developments. This book provides a set of rules by which one can think and act about AI. As AI events occur over the next few years, it could be important to know how to think about AI in a different way.

The book’s nine rules provide a foundation upon which citizens can continue to exist in an AI world in a sensible manner.

If you have an interest in AI, this short book could be of great value to you.

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