3D Printing Meets Skin Therapy: Sygnis SA and Berger&Kraft Medical’s New Partnership

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New 3D print partnership [Source: Sygnis SA]

Sygnis SA and Berger&Kraft medical join forces to bring 3D printing technology to skin therapy applications.

Polish deeptech company Sygnis SA recently announced a new partnership with Berger&Kraft Medical, a leader in the international aesthetic medicine and wellness market, to develop new optical technologies for skin therapy. This collaboration marks the first non-scientific application of the Syglass technology – the world’s first 3D printing technology from low-temperature glass.

Spyglass is a 3D printing technology that is able to produce glass objects. The device uses a very high temperature syringe to build objects within a 600C chamber. Up to now the only application we’ve heard for this technology was the production of blocks that can be stretched into fiber optic cables. Now there is quite a different application.

The partnership aims to create pioneering skin therapy products using lasers and Syglass technology, which will ultimately be covered by patent protection. The project is set to run from March to September 2023, and its success could bring about a new generation of skin therapy products that showcase the versatility and potential of Syglass technology.

Sygnis SA has shifted its commercialization strategy for the Syglass technology, moving away from selling finished machines and focusing on providing tailored applications for specific customers. This change allows Sygnis SA to access a larger market of potential clients. The beauty industry devices market for skin therapy alone is worth more than $20 billion annually, with a 5.5% average annual growth rate (CAGR).

This partnership comes at a crucial time for Sygnis SA, as it follows the publication of their annual standalone and consolidated reports for 2022. The company has been consistently growing, increasing revenues and acquiring more industry players. In Q1 2022, the Sygnis Group reported a net profit of PLN 3.4M, a 213% increase compared to 2021. The total revenue for the three quarters of 2022 reached PLN 22.7M.

The collaboration between Sygnis SA and Berger&Kraft Medical has the potential to revolutionize the skin therapy market, using innovative 3D printing technology to create tailored solutions. With the versatility and potential of Syglass technology, this partnership could be the beginning of a new chapter in the aesthetic medicine and wellness industry.

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