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My First Book About Engineering [Source: Amazon]

This week’s selection is “My First Book About Engineering” by Patricia J. Wynne, Donald M. Silver and Ariel Fleming.

Engineering is a discipline that not everyone enters, and with the increased access to 3D print technology, we need more ways to encourage youngsters to take up the science of engineering.

That’s precisely what this book does. It is quite different from the stale academic textbooks on the subject, and instead uses a comic-style approach to introduce technical concepts related to engineering.

Example page from My First Book About Engineering [Source: Amazon]

While the book appears to be a comic, it is not lacking in depth or content. In fact, the technical concepts introduced don’t water down the information. This provides young students with solid introductory knowledge of basic engineering concepts.

Concepts include topics such as how to build a skyscraper, where you can easily imagine the factors involved. The book follows that pattern, introducing new concepts through a series of illustrated case studies.

If you have a young person that has a leaning towards science and engineering, this book just might help them steer their path towards an engineering career years in the future.

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