Book of the Week: Painting and Finishing Techniques

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Book of the Week: Painting and Finishing Techniques
Painting and Finishing Techniques [Source: Amazon]

This week’s selection is “Painting and Finishing Techniques” by Gary Edmundson.

Many Fabbaloo readers use their 3D printers to produce figurines and small models, but with typically mono-color 3D printers, these can be pretty dull items. However, they can be turned “on” by properly finishing the prints. This can be done with physical means to smooth surfaces and remove extraneous 3D printing material, but the real finishing comes with painting.

Painting miniatures is a non-trivial task, and there are those who literally make their living doing it. These exceptional artists hold skills not many of us will ever aspire to, but there are some techniques that anyone can learn. That’s what Edmundson’s popular book is all about.

This book focuses on two typical miniature styles, model aircraft and armored vehicles. While those two types may not be the same as the 3D prints you happen to be working on, the techniques used in aircraft and vehicles can be applied on many other projects, or even tweaked to achieve different results.

Edmundson assumes you know almost nothing about miniature painting and begins with a discussion of the objectives of painting: what is to be achieved? What are the approaches that can get you there? It’s critically important to understand the destination before you begin your journey.

He then proceeds to discuss the different tools involved in the painting process, including the various paints and finishes that are typically used. It turns out that the choice of materials is more complex than you might think, mainly due to the vast array of options.

Edmundson discusses the differences between paints and finishes, and in particular points to attributes you might not consider at first examination, such as durability. While a finish might look good now, how will it look after two years in the sunlight?

I’m impressed with his easy-to-follow description of tool usage, some of which was a mystery to me, but seems quite natural as he explains it. Perhaps it is Edmundson’s writing style that has made this book one of the top-rated of those discussing painting and finishing.

If you’re involved in producing 3D printed miniature models and want to learn more about how to properly finish them with paint, this could be a great book to start your journey.

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