Book of the Week: Parametric Solid Modeling Projects

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Book of the Week: Parametric Solid Modeling Projects
This week’s selection is “Parametric Solid Modeling Projects” by Prof. Sham Tickoo of Purdue University.
Parametric Solid Modeling Projects [Source: Amazon]

This week’s selection is “Parametric Solid Modeling Projects” by Prof. Sham Tickoo of Purdue University.

Solid modeling is the foundation of 3D printing. Without 3D models, no 3D printer could possible produce anything and all 3D print projects start with modeling, usually in a CAD system.

But not any CAD system: it must be able to produce “solid” 3D models. These are a specific subset of 3D models that have fully watertight geometries that are amenable to slicing by 3D print management systems.

Solid modeling is therefore a specific type of 3D modeling, quite distinct from other CAD styles that might produce blueprints or perhaps visual assets for a video.

Parametric modeling is one of the most powerful features in solid modeling. Parametric refers to the concept in which the 3D features are controlled by parameters — numbers — that are used by the CAD system to create the 3D structure. For example, one could produce a sphere with a diameter of 150mm. Then, later, you could make an adjustment to change the diameter to 140mm without having to re-make the entire 3D model.

These two disciplines are what this book is about.

In fact, it literally contains 14 complex design projects drawn from real-life that will help the reader deeply understand the process of parametric solid modeling.

Tickoo says:

“After completing this book, the students will be able to design real-world industrial projects with ease. Additionally they will be able to design all components, develop assemblies, and generate the 2D drawings of the parts and assemblies along with the Bill of Material.”

Wheel assembly project in Parametric Solid Modeling Projects [Source: Amazon]

That’s a bold statement, but given that the projects include a number of notably complex designs, this may well be true. They projects include:

  • Wheel assembly
  • Metal shear assembly
  • Angle clamp assembly
  • Hand punch press assembly
  • Ball valve assembly
  • Pneumatic gripper assembly
  • Car jack assembly
  • Wrench assembly
  • Hand drill assembly
  • Sheet bending machine assembly
  • Reduction gear box assembly
  • Single stage centrifugal pump assembly
  • Single plate clutch assembly
  • Vertical twin steam engine assembly

If you’re looking for a challenge to amp up your 3D design skills, this could be the book for you.

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