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Women in 3D printing [Source: Amazon]

This week’s selection is “Women in 3D Printing” by Stacey DelVecchio.

DelVecchio, a long-term member of the 3D print community and practitioner in industry, works with SME as a community advisor for additive manufacturing, as well as running a consulting operation that helps companies adopt additive approaches.

She also works to help companies move towards generating equity, and that’s one of the reasons for this book.

The additive manufacturing industry is dominated by men, with something around only 10% being female. Many people are working to change that, and one of the primary forces is the Women in 3D Printing group that this publication supports.

While that group and this book have the same name, they are a bit different, although there is a foreword section by Nora Touré, founder of the Women in 3D Printing group.

The book’s goal is to document the contributions of female players in additive manufacturing. The book includes the stories of several female additive champions that have contributed much to the field, and apparently this could be the only book having such information.

There are chapters contributed by several female players in the space, and topics vary considerably.

There are descriptions of innovation, entrepreneurship, STEM, technologies, digital manufacturing, construction 3D printing, healthcare applications and much more.

By reading through these descriptions, one can gain respect for the contributions of women in this male-dominated industry, and perhaps that knowledge might influence some companies to consider or even reach out to more women to grow staff. After all, additive manufacturing is a rapidly growing industry, and there is currently a shortage of workers. Those vacant spots can be filled just as easily by women as men.

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