Creality Announces New Line Of MSLA 3D Printers

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HOLD TIL 6PM (China?) APR 9 / Creality Announces New Line of MSLA 3D Printers
The new HALOT-SKY resin 3D printer [Source: Creality]


On the occasion of their 7th anniversary, Creality announced not just a new 3D printer, but an entire new line of devices.

The HALOT line is the name of the new line of LCD-powered resin 3D printers.

The company has been producing desktop 3D printers of increasing capability since its inception in 2014. Beginning with simple filament extrusion devices, the company branched into resin 3D printers, and most recently a belt 3D printer. Today they are one of the leading producers of 3D printing equipment across the globe.


At this early moment, only one model in the HALOT line has been announced: the HALOT-SKY, which has a generous build volume of 192 x 120 x 200 mm.

The HALOT-SKY inherits much of the technological experience of Creality’s previous resin devices. However, the intent is to tighten up print performance by improving several aspects.

One feature is the light engine used in the system and developed by Creality, designed to provide perfectly even lighting. This is a critical aspect of resin 3D printing that in many other 3D printer models is not properly accounted for. To maximize print quality, the light intensity and focus must be equal on every pixel, and that’s the goal of Creality’s integral light source.

Creality says the HALOT-SKY has “micron-level” accuracy with its 3840 x 2400 pixel LCD panel and 0.05mm XY precision. Layer sizes can be as small as 0.01mm

AI “Brain”

Perhaps the most interesting feature on the HALOT-SKY is its processor chip. Most 3D printers employ an 8-bit chip to keep machine costs low, while some more advanced (and expensive) systems use 16- or 32-bit processors. That’s not happening on the HALOT-SKY.

The HALOT-SKY sports a very powerful 64-bit chip. This includes not only a powerful quad-core CPU, but also a GPU, perhaps the first to be seen operating as a 3D printer controller.

This massive increase in computing power is quite intriguing, as it allows the device to perform advanced tasks that other 3D printers previously could not imagine doing.

The functions Creality will be executing are not yet clear, but the presence of the GPU suggests they will be using the new chip to perform some type of AI tasks.

If I may speculate here, it could be that the HALOT-SKY might be able to create a type of closed-loop quality control system that would ensure each layer is produced optimally through the use of sensors. If that’s Creality’s goal, then it might be the first time we’ve seen such an advanced system on a relatively inexpensive desktop 3D printer.

Other HALOT Features

The new HALOT-SKY resin 3D printer [Source: Creality]

Creality has reinforced the structural aspects of the HALOT-SKY, including dual linear rails for smooth and accurate vertical motion. This should increase print quality by reducing X-Y wobble to an absolute minimum.

The HALOT-SKY includes a huge 5” (12.7cm) color touchscreen, and this falls in line with the company’s objective to ensure a simplified experience when using the device.

Aligning with that goal is the software for the system, which connects to the Creality Cloud. This allows the HALOT series to be monitored and managed online in real time. Creality has also spent time to simplify the interfaces of the software to make life a lot easier.

One very interesting feature is the ability to update the machine’s firmware via an online update. This is quite different from the usual manual procedure that involves connecting cables and running unusual procedures that might be challenging for some less-technical operators.

One of the best features, although a simple one, is the inclusion of a tilting cover. Most desktop resin 3D printers have a separate UV cover that must be lifted off the machine, and these covers tend to get resin fingerprints because of that. The tilting cover should help keep the machine clean and be easier to raise.

Finally, the HALOT-SKY includes support for twelve different languages, meaning it can be easily used in many regions.

We’re looking forward to getting a closer look at the HALOT series of 3D printers.

Via Creality

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