Creality Sponsors Major E-Sports Event in Brazil

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Max Creality League champions [Source: Creality]

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Creality took an unusual step by sponsoring a major E-sports event.

Max Creality League

The event was the Brazilian E-sports tournament Max Creality League, which completed December 10. This is the first time the company has been a title sponsor for a major E-sports event. The event was viewed worldwide, and even in augmented reality.

Creality took the opportunity to announce several new products during the event, introdincluding the flagship Ender-5 S1, a high-speed desktop FFF 3D printer.

Spectators at the Max Creality League in Brazil [Source: Creality]

The Max Creality League is one of the biggest E-sports events that take place in Brazil, and it was held at the Max Arena in São Paulo, the largest E-sports venue in Brazil. An incredible 3,200 teams competed for prizes worth in total US$22,000 for first, second and third place.

3D printed trophy for the Max Creality League [Source: Creality]

The winner of the event was MEDELLIN FLA, who won US$12,000 — and a 3D printed trophy. Second and third place went to SACOLA and TEAM WEEDZAO, who also won prizes.

Creality Brazil Country Jimmy Xiao said:

“It is the first time for Creality, a leading 3D printing brand, to sponsor a major e-sports event. We congratulate the winning teams, and the other teams competing in the finals for their teamwork and competitive spirit. Creality will continue tapping into the gaming sector to expand the applications of 3D printing.

President of Max Arena Vinicius Prado added:

“Creality is a leading 3D printing brand that connects the digital and physical worlds. We are glad to have Creality as the title sponsor of this major e-sports event in Brazil. With Creality, we look forward to exploring more creativity and passion shared between 3D printing and gaming, and inspiring more young talents to achieve their dreams.”

Creality 3D printers at the Max Creality League E-sports event [Source: Creality]

The all-month tournament at the Max Creality League involved players using Free Fire, a popular 3rd person shooter “battle Royale” game that was originally released in 2017. A large crowd of 500 onlookers witnessed the final event at Max Arena, along with 350,000 online viewers worldwide.

3D Printing For Gamers

3D printed figurine at the Max Creality League E-sports event [Source: Creality]

Creality’s Brazil sales manager, Victor Pruner, opened the event and declared the new Ender-3 S1 Pro to be the “best 3D printer for the gaming community”. After the opening, the tournament proceeded through quarterfinals, semifinals and, of course, the grand final, which involved eight teams competing for a long nine hours.

Creality’s Victor Pruner at the Max Creality League E-sports event [Source: Creality]

Creality’s title sponsorship allowed them to engage with players to introduce them to 3D print applications specifically for gaming. Creality set up a number of devices in several locations at the venue to ensure everyone could experience 3D printing of game figurines, and some even did so themselves.

Using a CR-SCAN Lizard at the Max Creality League E-sports event [Source: Creality]

Creality launched an AR app they call “Max Experience” on the Google Play and Apple iOS online stores. Attendees could use the app to view the tournament and learn more about 3D printing. In-person attendees were provided with a gift package that included a link to interact with three new 3D printer models from Creality.

Following the event, Creality officials announced several new products, including:

  • Desktop Ender-5 S1 3D printer
  • Professional-grade Sermoon D3
  • Klipper-integrated Sonic Pad 3D print accessory
  • CR-Laser Falcon Laser Engraver
  • CR-M4 large format 3D printer

Why is Creality sponsoring events in Brazil? It turns out that Brazil is the world’s 5th largest market for gaming, with one of the fastest-growing number of players in Latin America. Apparently recent survey show that almost all children living in favelas want to grow up and become professional E-sports players. That’s surprising, given the popularity of football in the country.

Space Robotics Project

Creality hopes to stimulate interest in 3D printing by sponsoring events such as Max Creality League, and their prior participation in the Brazilian educational system. Earlier Creality held a major space robotics project for students that was quite successful.

The September 2021 Space Robotics project involved engaging Brazilian students to use 3D printing to create relevant parts and provide an inclusive introduction to the technology. The project was only possible due to a collaboration between the National Education Development Fund of Brazil, the Brazilian Space Agency, and the University of Brasilia.

Incredibly, Creality donated a massive 250 Ender-3 3D printers to schools across Brazil during that project, leaving a valuable legacy for students to learn about digital manufacturing, creative concepts and much more. Creality believes they can reach up to one million students with that effort, and all of them will become experienced with 3D printing.

Via Creality

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