Design of the Week: 3D Printable Pirate Ship

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3D printable pirate ship 3D model [Source: CGTrader]

This week’s selection is the Fully 3D Printable Pirate Ship by Conner Sinewe.

This ain’t no Benchy.

This is in fact, a highly detailed pirate ship 3D model, and it’s quite a bit more involved in the most popular ship print, the ubiquitous .

Inside the 3D printable pirate ship 3D model [Source: CGTrader]

What’s involved? Sinewe explains:

“The kit includes finely detailed, ship components that are ready for 3D printing. From the majestic main masts to the miniature cannons, each piece has been expertly designed to recreate an authentic pirate ship’s rugged charm. These components fit together, making assembly as smooth as the ocean breeze.”


“This 3D printable pirate ship model is perfect for hobbyists, educators, and young pirates looking to explore the world of 3D printing and naval history. It’s not just a model kit, but a doorway into the exciting world of piracy and maritime adventure.”

I’m not sure a “doorway into piracy” would be welcomed by some parents, but nevertheless this is a pretty complex 3D model.

Some of the parts for the 3D printable pirate ship 3D model [Source: CGTrader]

As you might imagine, there are quite a few parts required to build this majestic pirate ship. It’s not listed exactly how many parts are involved, but it’s a lot based on the images provided in the listing. This will no doubt be a longer project to print and assemble all the parts.

But that’s not the end: to truly complete the pirate ship, you should also paint the model. This might be best done with some advanced painting techniques that can, for example, produce a patina suggestive of wood, iron and other surfaces on the ship.

Mostly completed the 3D printable pirate ship 3D model [Source: CGTrader]

Sinewe has chosen to sell this complex 3D model on CGTrader, where it is available at the cost of US$30 for download. Note, however, that if you read a certain Reddit post, you just might happen to find a discount code.

Via CGTrader and Reddit

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