Design of the Week: 3D Printable Snow Chains

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3D printed RC car snow chains [Source: SpeziLover / Thingiverse]

This week’s selection is the Universal 3D Printable Snow Chain by SpeziLover.

Germany-based SpeziLover (a.k.a. Ludi) is a noted FPV drone pilot and designer of 3D printable parts for RC equipment.

In addition to FPV drones, SpeziLover is also into ground-based RC vehicles. But with the snow season suddenly happening in the northern hemisphere of our beloved planet, RC cars get bogged down easily.

The solution is to install “chains” on the tires to increase grip, just as is done with real automobiles. They wrap around the tire and provide a massive boost in traction.

For RC cars there are plenty of options available, but apparently they’re not very good. SpeziLover said:

“I was tired of searching for snow chains for my RC models. Most of them have poor quality and no good effect.

These are universal snow chains for RC Cars! This file fits 110-125mm wheels but you can scale.”

They do indeed work very well, as you can see in the provided video:

SpeziLover explained that there are two sizes provided, and that they should fit basically any RC car with wheels. However, you may need to chop out some of the links depending on the circumference of your RC tires.

3D printed RC car snow chains [Source: SpeziLover / Thingiverse]

Printing these chains is straightforward, but it’s recommended you use flexible TPU and a serious amount of infill. Remember, these are not just being displayed like any 3D printed plastic dragon; these are going to do some serious mechanical work, and outdoors at that.

There are certain hobbies, like RC cars, drones, model railway and others that are a perfect match for 3D printing. The technology allows one to quickly produce all kinds of accessories and replacement parts on demand, if you’re up for making the part design with CAD tools.

If only we could do this for real cars.

Via Thingiverse and Instagram

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