Design of the Week: 3D Printed Electric Guitar Kit

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The Cateran, a 3D printed guitar [Source: Filatone Instrument Co.]

This week’s selection is the Cateran 3D Printed Electric Guitar Kit by Filatone Instrument Co.

This item is exactly as described: a fully functional electric guitar that you can literally 3D print on your desktop 3D printer.

Filatone Instrument Co. explains:

“The Cateran has been through many phases of prototype, each improving and innovating the instrument , from ease of print to playability.

Playability and YOU creating an amazing personalised instrument are at the core of this project. Great care has been taken to make the Cateran play and feel premium. The body is supported by stainless steel to increase structural integrity and the construction has been thoroughly analysed for maximum strength.”

This is a kit, not an assembled guitar. You download the STL files, print them, and use the instructions to assemble the working instrument.

Playing the Cateran, a 3D printed guitar [Source: Filatone Instrument Co.]

The kit includes not only the base STL files to produce the guitar but a large number of variations so that you can pick and choose a combination of parts that results in your perfect guitar design.

The 3D printed parts are, obviously, designed for easy 3D printing. They dimensions of the parts are such that it is apparently possible to print all required parts on any FFF 3D printer that has a build volume of 220 x 220 x 150 mm. That includes almost every desktop unit that’s available these days.

In addition to the 3D printed parts, the project will require several other items, like strings, pickups and other standard electric guitar components. Filatone Instrument Co. suggests these could cost you about US$120, depending on your choice of component and where you purchase them.

The files are available for download at MyMiniFactory for the ridiculously low price of US$15. Add to that the cost of the guitar components and the cost of filament to print the parts, and you’ll have yourself a working electric guitar at a very low price.

Assembling the Cateran, a 3D printed guitar [Source: Filatone Instrument Co.]

The kit includes very detailed assembly instructions that lead you step by step through the process.

If you’re into electric guitars and have a 3D printer, this is your project.

Via Filatone Instrument Co. and MyMiniFactory

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