Design of the Week: 3D Printed Throne Toilet

By on January 3rd, 2022 in Design, news

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3D printed toilet, the “Throne” [Source: Nagami]

This week’s selection is the 3D printed Throne toilet by Nagami.

Spain-based Nagami is a design brand that frequently uses 3D printing techniques to produce their highly unusual works, which often are furniture items. They were commissioned by to produce an unusual toilet, called “Throne”. They are an organization that attempts to promote unusual approaches to solve the world’s biggest problems.

Evidently one of those issues is access to safe sanitation. They say that one third of the world’s citizens still have no proper sanitation.

Their idea is to re-use some of the enormous amount of plastic waste that pollutes our lands and especially our oceans. They sought to find a solution to the problem that used waste plastic, and Nagami stepped up to do so.

Their solution is an incredible design for a true “throne”.

Five axis 3D printer using recycled material [Source: Nagami / DesignTaxi]

The Throne is 3D printed in one piece using a five-axis robotic extrusion system, powered by plastic scraps. The Throne features a sliding door and two-layers of air-gapped wall to provide some insulation for heat, sound and, I suppose, smell.

There’s also a circular skylight to illuminate the small space inside, and perhaps provide some air circulation.

The “business” part of the Throne is a standard separation toilet that’s installed into the structure. Interestingly, they use a standard toilet seat, rather than 3D printing one: this is because the rough extrusions would provide too many crevices to allow for proper cleaning. And it would likely be a bit rough to sit on, too.

This project is obviously a demonstration, but an interesting one. It’s unlikely the current state of technology would financially justify printing large numbers of Thrones, but they’ve set a design precedent here. Perhaps sometime in the near future the technology will be sufficiently inexpensive to allow for mass production of this style of Throne.

Meanwhile, I’m wondering how I can fit this design into an Ender 3.

Via DesignTaxi (Hat tip to Tuan)

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