Design of the Week: Adjustable Tablet Stand

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The adjustable tablet holder [Source: Printables]

This week’s selection is the Adjustable Tablet Stand by James C Gullberg.

Canada-based Gullberg is a prolific designer of household gadgets of all types. His Printables page includes seven 3D models as of this writing. He also has an Etsy page on which these designs and others are sold to those without 3D printers to print the parts.

The item selected this week is just what it claims to be: a tablet holder. It can hold iPads or any other tablet type, just like countless other holders. However, there’s a difference here: this is an adjustable holder!

The adjustable tablet holder [Source: Printables]

By twisting a knob on the bottom it’s possible to adjust the angle of the tablet to match the circumstances.

This is a feature I’ve personally been looking for quite a while. It turns out that tablets are used at multiple angles. For reading at a table, perhaps you need a low angle. For playing a game perhaps it needs to be more upright. For a group video conversation it has to be perfectly upright. You get the idea — you need several different tablet holders.

Or just one that’s adjustable.

This isn’t just a single model you can print in one piece. Instead, it’s a bit of a small project involving seven parts and some hardware. But don’t be concerned, it’s actually quite straightforward to assemble.

Print plate with parts for the adjustable tablet holder [Source: Printables]

Gullberg said some of the parts will require support, but they don’t appear to be particularly challenging to print, although it may take a few jobs to get it all done, depending on your 3D printer’s build volume.

One very interesting feature is the adjustment knob. It’s located on the bottom of the holder where it normally isn’t visible. This makes the holder appear to be a solid unit — very well designed! I’m really impressed with the visual appearance of this design, it’s quite professional.

The files for producing the Adjustable Tablet Stand are available for download at Printables at no charge.

If you have a tablet, you definitely need to 3D print this project.

Via Printables and Etsy

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