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By on February 26th, 2024 in Design, news

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3D printable Apple Vision Pro Stand [Source: Christian Selig]

This week’s selection is the Apple Vision Pro Stand by Christian Selig.

This item is precisely what its title suggests: it’s a 3D printed holder for your brand new Vision Pro from Apple. Wait, you don’t have one yet? Well, until you do, you can print this holder so you can be ready to receive one.

Selig is most well-known as the person behind Apollo, the beloved Reddit reader app that was basically canceled by Reddit when they changed up their API policies. Since then Selig has moved on to other software ventures, and lately seems to be venturing into the brand new universe of spatial computing with the Apple Vision Pro.

It’s a straightforward design, and must be assembled with a non-printed vertical post. Selig explains in his detailed story of the design:

“Mainly the rod going up to the pringle part was a bit weak, so I ended up beefing up the diameter to 3/4″. This also now means you can either 3D print the rod, or pick up a bespoke 3/4″ rod of your own in a cool material, like walnut, maple, brass, steel, copper, etc. for pretty cheap from Home Depot or Amazon that is 215 mm in length. Then just use some superglue to bind them.”

While few of us have a Vision Pro, it might be fun to print one of these as a gift to those who are considering one.

Selig has made the 3D model file available for download on MakerWorld, at no charge. Well, sort of. He writes:

“For a period of time, if you say the promo code “free free free for me me me” to your computer, the download will be available for free.”

Pro Tip: you don’t actually have to say this to get the model for free.

Via Christian Selig and MakerWorld

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