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By on October 9th, 2023 in Design, news

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3D printed ECO Lamps [Source: COLORISED]

This week’s selection is the ECO Lamp by COLORISED and GREENFILL3D.

ECO Lamp is a new lamp design by COLORISED that makes use of sustainable 3D printed materials. COLORISED is a brand that’s been around for less than a year, but has the backing of a team with a decade of experience in 3D printing operations, formerly known as CD3D in Poland. The company focuses on unusual interior designs.

One of their products is the 3D printed line of ECO Lamps.

COLORISED explained that they have partnered with GREENFILL3D, a materials provider. GREENFILL3D has provided them with biodegradable and compostable bioplastics used for the production of the lamps.

This material is said to be “fully biodegradable” in both “industrial conditions or at home.” That’s quite a statement, and differentiates the material from PLA, which cannot be biodegraded except in very specific industrial processes.

The ECO Lamp appears different when illuminated [Source: COLORISED]

There are multiple styles of ECO Lamp, with differing lighting effects. The specific models are uniquely named using the rarely seen international language of Esperanto.

Here you can see how one ECO Lamp looks in daylight versus night mode:

The lamps are available online for purchase with prices ranging from €25-199 (US$36-286), and all use LED lighting.

It seems that COLORISED may be developing other products using this material, as they explained:

“The presented ECO lamps are only a small sample of what can be created using biodegradable or compostable bioplastics.”


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