Design of the Week: Foldable Hanger

By on August 14th, 2023 in Design, news

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3D printed foldable hangar [Source: YouTube]

This week’s selection is the Foldable Hanger by Printables contributor wuguigui.

This item is precisely what you’d think it would be: a foldable clothes hanger. The hanger folds up and can be easily stored and transported.

3D printed foldable hangar [Source: YouTube]

This makes it ideal to carry along on a trip where you’re not sure you’ll have sufficient hangars at your destination. It would also be ideal for camping, where you can hang your wets from a tree.

3D printed foldable hangar design [Source: YouTube]

The design of this hangar is ingenious: it’s a print-in-place model, meaning you print a single object and it includes all the articulated joints. Just lift it off the print plate and hang your clothes.

Even better, wuguigui has designed the model in such a way to avoid the need for any support structures, which would otherwise use up material, spoil the surface finish and take up your time.

Here is a video describing the hangar:

This is one of the many highly practical 3D printable designs that have been produced by the public, and the more you use them, the more you want to see.

Via Printables

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