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3D printed pumpkins [Source: Thingiverse]

This week’s selection are the Halloween Pumpkins by Thingiverse contributor Javier Muñoz.

It’s that one special day each year when it is legal for people to assume strange and sometimes scary costumes — both at work and at play.

At least that’s the case in some jurisdictions.

Along with the costumes, the display of a carved pumpkin is also expected. Therefore it’s appropriate to select a pumpkin 3D model as our Design of the Week.

Unfortunately, there are hundreds, maybe zillions, of Halloween entries on the various 3D model repositories, making it very challenging to select an appropriate 3D model.

This design, made by Lindau, Germany-based Muñoz captures the spirit of what I’m seeking in a halloween 3D model. While this Thingiverse submission is now an incredible seven years old, it’s still a great model, and is one of the most popular of its genre.

These three carved pumpkin designs are one-piece items, making them very straightforward to 3D print. There are no color changes, parts to assemble or extra hardware required.

That is, if you don’t want to install an LED light into the pumpkins for extra effect. Muñoz has included a 28mm hole in the bottom of each pumpkin to allow for LED installation, and even recommends a specific LED option.

They’re easy to print, and can even be placed together to be run off in a single job. You will require use of support material , mostly to hold up the top from the inside, but these are easily removed with a pair of pliers.

Muñoz recommends a specific orientation during printing, which is how the STL files are set up from the download.

One interesting aspect of this design is that it appears Muñoz used Rhino/Grasshopper to generate the pumpkins, which is certainly not what I would have expected.

If you’re seeking a quick pumpkin for Halloween today and you happen to have some orange filament, you know what to do.

Via Thingiverse

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