Design of the Week: Mechanical Christmas Bottle Opener

By on December 20th, 2021 in Design, news

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The Mechanical Christmas Bottle Opener [JBV Creative]

This week’s selection is the Mechanical Christmas Bottle Opener by JBV Creative.

It’s getting dangerously close to Christmas, and many people are looking for 3D print projects as gifts. While there are countless possibilities, this one caught my eye for a couple of reasons.

First, it’s a mechanical device made entirely from 3D printed parts. Mechanical projects are always more fun due to their animated nature, and they’re often a challenge to 3D print. 3D printers must be tuned properly to ensure the parts fit together appropriately, and operate smoothly when assembled.

Here’s a video showing how to assemble the bottle opener:

I should emphasize that this project has no parts other than those you 3D print. There is no need for bolts, springs or other mechanisms, with one exception: a small coin, the size of a dime, is required to provide the “bite” for the bottle opener.

Secondly, the Bottle Opener has a holiday theme with its “most wonderful time of the year”. However, as you’ll see, it can be used at ANY time of the year:

Using the Mechanical Christmas Bottle Opener [JBV Creative]

JBV Creative suggests you’ll need about nine hours to print all the parts, and about 100g of material is required. That’s not a lot, and don’t forget the dime.

The files are not freely downloadable from any site, but are sold on JBV Creative’s site for the ridiculously low price of US$4. The purchase provides not only the 3D models, but they’re all purposely oriented to optimal print configurations, and there’s even full plate layouts that should fit most common 3D printers.

There’s still time to obtain and produce this item for the holidays.

Via JBV Creative

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