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By on May 23rd, 2022 in Design, news

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The Nexarator Helmet [Source: Fabbaloo]

This week’s selection is the Nexarator Helmet by designer Rob Wiggins.

This incredible piece was commissioned by Nexa3D and designed by Wiggins as a very clear demonstration of that company’s 3D print capabilities. Wiggins is a Los Angeles-based 3D designer who frequently develops assets for film and TV productions, most notably for the Transformers series.

Nexa3D is a growing company that launched only in 2015, but now boasts a growing variety of different styles of 3D printing processes. The Nexarator Helmet was meant to show how their technology portfolio could combine to create an incredible object.

The Nexarator Helmet is actually made from 76 separately 3D printed parts, which were made on two machines, the NXE 400 and the new rapid printing XiP device.

The Nexarator Helmet [Source: Fabbaloo]

Four different materials were used to produce the 76 parts, including xPRO-405 Black, xPRO-405 Clear, xABS-3843 and xCE-Black.

There’s considerable detail on this design, and you can see the incredible textures if you look closely.

Detail of the Nexarator Helmet [Source: Fabbaloo]

I was able to see this design in person, but was not able to put it on. However, I do know someone that did: Fabbaloo’s former Managing Editor and now Nexa3D’s Senior Director, Strategic Communications and Ecosystems, Sarah Goehrke. Looks pretty good:

Sarah Goehrke tries on the Nexarator Helmet [Source: Avi Reichental / Twitter]

I hope more companies take the time to demonstrate their capabilities by combining technologies on complex artistic works as Nexa3D has done on this project.

Via Nexa3D

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