Design of the Week: Pool Noodle Sword Handle

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3D printed pool noodle sword handles [Source: Printables]

This week’s selection is the Pool Noodle Sword Handle by Martin Kozak.

This is exactly what the name describes: a handle that turns common styrofoam pool noodles into swords. The idea is to screw the handle into the existing hole at the center of the noodles. Once done, you’re ready for battle.

Installing 3D printed pool noodle sword handles [Source: Printables]

The geometry of the noodle handle is not at all amenable for easy 3D printing, as there is not a single flat side on the object.

3D model of the 3D printed pool noodle sword handles [Source: Printables]

To counteract this, the 3D model is split into two halves, which are printed separately and then assembled. This presents a flat surface to print them on, and also eliminates any overhangs that might require support structures.

Assembly is easily accomplished with some super glue.

Dual color 3D printed pool noodle sword handles [Source: Printables]

But there’s an interesting advantage. If you happened to print both halves in a single job, and then changed the filament color in the midst of the print job, you would create a stripe down the middle of the handle. This approach could help make unique handles for each of the sword wielding participants.

The designer recommends you use PETG for the print material, as PLA might soften under hot summer sun. I would also recommend ASA, as it has a higher thermal resistance and also will not degrade when exposed to the Sun’s UV light.

For printing, the recommended parameters are: 3 perimeters, 3 bottom and 5 top layers, and 15% gyroid infill. It’s a relatively easy print.

If you want to ensure the noodle stays in place on the handle during extreme usage, it’s suggested that you put a dab of superglue on the end of the sword to more permanently attach the handle to the noodle.

This is a wonderful example of a simple 3D print that will bring much joy to those hanging around the pool this summer.

Via Printables

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