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Reaction jewelry collection [Source: Nervous System]

This week’s selection is the Reaction Jewelry collection from Nervous System.

Nervous System, based in the Catskills area of New York State, is a generative design studio. They leverage advanced mathematical algorithms to produce incredible — and often complex — shapes for artwork and jewelry.

The company has long been one of the leaders in 3D printed art, having been in operation since 2007, the same year this publication launched. They’ve appeared as our Design of the week multiple times, including 2013’s Cellular Lamp, a complex 3D model we often use to test new 3D printers.

Now they’re back with a new collection of 3D printed metal jewelry called “Reaction Jewelry”.

The collection includes rings, earrings and more, but they all have something in common: a chemical-like surface pattern. They explain:

“From Möbius strip rings to seashell-like earrings, each piece is intricately embossed with intertwining patterns of ridges and valleys that create a unique experience that is both visual and tactile. The designs are grown through a computer simulation of reaction-diffusion, a chemical patterning mechanism observed in a myriad of biological systems, from animal skin patterns to slime molds.”

One of the reasons they chose to deploy this technique on jewelry is that the unique surface pattern is not only visually attractive, but also quite tactile. The flowing ridges are something you can’t help but run your fingers over.

All pieces of the new collection are 3D printed in solid metal, either stainless steel, silver, or brass. I’m not sure where they’re having this produced, as it’s unlikely they’re operating their own metal 3D printing operation.

However, they did say that the collection includes their first products made with Desktop Metal’s stainless steel process.

The reaction collection, composed of eleven items, is offered for sale to the public. Pieces start at US$40 and up.

Via Nervous System

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