Design of the Week: Spring Loaded Toothbrush Case

The 3D printed spring loaded toothbrush holder [Source: CookNAdam / Cults]

This week’s selection is the ridiculous Spring Loaded Toothbrush Case by Cults contributor CooknAdam.

CooknAdam has published a number of unusual 3D models, and many of them involve mechanical action. This is their latest effort, and it’s quite amazing.

Often our Design of the Week selections are quite practical, but this week’s choice is over the top. Yes, it is a functional design, but its over-engineering is something to behold.

What is it?

It’s a robust toothbrush holder that, upon pressing the activation key, presents your toothbrush so rapidly it would put your eye out if looking too closely.

The structure is a near-armor-plated case that includes a front door for access. It’s automatically opened when the key is pressed, and it slides upward in an unusual manner, as you can see in this animation:

The 3D printed spring loaded toothbrush holder [Source: CookNAdam / Cults]

The toothbrush holder itself then rapidly tips forward, providing easy access to the toothbrush itself. Just keep clear of the device when it activates.

Internals of the 3D printed spring loaded toothbrush holder [Source: CookNAdam / Cults]

The design of this toothbrush holder is ingenious. Fortunately, designer CooknAdam provided the STEP file so we can examine the internal operation in our handy copy of Autodesk Fusion 360. Here you can see what’s under the case:

The 3D printed spring loaded toothbrush holder [Source: CookNAdam / Cults]

The case is powered by simple tension of the internal parts, which should operate for a long time without wearing down.

Can you 3D print this item yourself? You can, as it is posted on Cults and is available for download at no charge. In all, there are 18 files to 3D print, and you’ll take some time to carefully assemble the parts in working order.

Gears on the 3D printed spring loaded toothbrush holder [Source: CookNAdam / Cults]

The design is “ridiculous” in CooknAdam’s own words on Reddit, saying:

“Finally finished this absolutely ridiculous case for my toothbrush, I hope you all like it!”

But could this ridiculous, over-the-top design be even more ridiculous? Apparently so, according to some commenters:

“Gotta get the scary uv lights to make the sanitisation worth it”

“A little music player that plays the angelic ‘aaaaAaaAahhh’”

“rig it to a battery pack to keep it wireless”

”Now cut a hole in your wall and make it flush to your wall”

“Toothbrush, but Tesla pop out door handle style”

“This needs some automatic closing action”

“Needs dry ice smoke cascading out upon opening”

As insane as this design might be, it’s clear that it could be made even more ridiculous.

We put the power to make anything in the hands of the public, and this is what we get.

Meanwhile, commenter Hugo_Stiglitz has the final word on this design:

“This is absolutely ridiculous and nobody needs it!….where’s the file so I can print one of my own!?”

Via Cults and Reddit

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