Desktop Metal Rebrands EnvisionTEC to ETEC

By on February 11th, 2022 in Corporate, news

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Desktop Metal did a rebrand this week.

Their acquisition from last year, EnvisionTEC, is now known as “ETEC”. They explain:

“Desktop Metal today announced the launch of ETEC, a new 3D printing brand that will enable EnvisionTEC, the original inventor of digital light processing (DLP) technology, to better connect with industrial customers. Now, ETEC (pronounced ē-tek) will focus on bringing its high-speed, photopolymer 3D printing solutions to volume manufacturers of consumer and industrial products.”

EnvisionTEC, and now ETEC, produces resin 3D printers that provide extremely accurate and producible in a wide variety of materials for many applications.

One example of their material applications is with their partnership with Adaptive3D, which produces a very unusual flexible resin, ETR 90. This material could be used in many applications requiring elastomeric components. ETEC explains:

“ETEC has partnered with Adaptive3D, another subsidiary of Desktop Metal, to offer its best-in-class 3D printed photo elastomers exclusively on ETEC additive manufacturing systems, optimizing their performance through tight integration between hardware and materials. ETEC now offers one of the broadest portfolios of photopolymer 3D printing materials, including Elastic Tough Rubber 90 (ETR 90), the highest tear strength elastomer on the market. ETR can already be found in products on store shelves, including power tool adapters and recoil pads, with additional applications for Adaptive3D’s broader library of elastomers across consumer and industrial applications such as shoe midsoles, seat cushions, and more.”

The new brand logo, seen at top, is at first simple, but there’s a story behind its origin. Desktop Metal explains:

“The new brand’s logo is an overhead representation of DLP’s iconic build tray, in which resin is transformed by a digital light projector into anything customers might imagine. It’s paired with an updated look and feel that is structured, smooth, bold, and durable, as well as a new go-to-market strategy.”

Under the growing Desktop Metal umbrella they complement the other 3D printing processes quite nicely. It’s good to see Desktop Metal rebranding some of their acquisitions, as it shifts market thinking to new positions. Also, ETEC is much easier to spell than EnvisionTEC.


By Kerry Stevenson

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