DyeMansion’s TryMansion

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DyeMansion’s TryMansion
Post-processing 3D prints [Source: DyeMansion]

DyeMansion announced a new program they call “TryMansion”.

The Munich-based company has been producing advanced 3D print post-processing equipment for some time. Their products cover the three essential stages of 3D print processing: cleaning, surfacing and coloring.

Nylon 3D prints are often made in bland white nylon material, ideal for dyeing. While this practice has gone on for literally decades, the problem has always been achieving a highly consistent dye color result from job to job. It doesn’t look great if products slightly vary in color, and DyeMansion’s initial products were able to solve this problem, hence their company name.

Since those beginnings the company has branched out into other stages of nylon post-processing, including cleaning, where loose nylon powder is removed from all crevices on the printed objects. They also perform surfacing, where printed objects undergo treatment to smooth the slightly rough surfaces that appear on “raw” nylon 3D prints.

Recently they’ve opened an office in Austin, TX, no doubt funded by their huge investment raise last year. This brings a local presence to the North American market, and is a step many international companies take.

Regional offices often serve as sales centers, distribution centers and educational sites. Some have even used their regional offices as service bureaus, and that seems to be what DyeMansion is doing in Austin.

They’ve opened an “on demand finishing” service that anyone (with nylon 3D prints, presumably) can choose. Prints are sent in, processed and returned for a fee.

The service is targeted at companies that have not yet obtained their own precision finishing equipment. That’s often the case for smaller operations where the print volume has not reached a level to justify the purchase of finishing gear.

However, these small operations often grow into larger businesses, and that’s the key behind DyeMansion’s Austin operation. It’s also why they call their service “TryMansion”.

They’re pretty certain that once you’ve tried their post-processing services you’ll be convinced to acquire the equipment for yourself, should the opportunity arise. It’s a classic try-before-you-buy scenario.

Such approaches are very successful because they offer a live demonstration of the product’s capabilities. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to convince someone of something with words at length to no avail, only to find a persuaded individual after physically demonstrating the idea.

Show and tell works.

While some companies do this as a afterthought, DyeMansion is putting the concept front and center with TryMansion.

The Austin center will also be used for benchmarking, where a company seeking post-processing equipment could test DyeMansion’s offerings. Again, this is all with the goal of making additional sales, which I am certain they will achieve.

The Austin center also gives DyeMansion a leg up on other non-American firms hoping to break into the US market; DyeMansion has already landed and is doing business, building a market lead.

It’s a great move for DyeMansion, and good news for any company seeking post-processing equipment.

Via DyeMansion

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