EOS’s Newest Metal 3D Printer: M 300-4 with Powerful Copper Printing Capabilities

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The EOS M 300-4 metal 3D printer [Source: EOS]

EOS announced a new, large metal 3D printer, the EOS M 300-4.

EOS is well-known for their popular LPBF systems, and in particular the large metal M-series units. The latest entry in that series is the new EOS M 300-4.

As is customary with EOS, it’s possible to learn a little bit about the machine from its name. The “M” indicates it’s a metal 3D printer, and the “300” hints at the machine’s build volume: 300 x 300 x 400 mm. This is quite generous and able to handle most moderately sized metal objects, or collections of smaller objects.

The “-4” refers to the number of lasers in the systems, which is four. Each laser brings 1kW of energy to the build chamber, and they operate in parallel to shorten print durations.

Four parallel lasers do not necessarily imply the machine is four times faster, but it’s close. EOS indicates the build capacity of the EOS M 300-4 is up to an amazing 555 cubic centimeters of material each hour, with layer sizes as small as 0.08mm. That’s equivalent to a solid metal cube over 80mm on each side.

The material choice for the machine is quite interesting, although only two are supported at launch.

One material is AlSi10Mg, a popular aluminum alloy used in aerospace and automotive industries for parts with thin walls and complex geometeries.

The other material is copper! That and copper alloys.

Copper is quite an unusual material for a LPBF 3D printer as it is quite challenging to print. The copper material has two difficulties: it’s reflective, which can bounce energy around the build chamber in negative ways; and it’s thermally conductive, which allows heat to creep through the print.

For many years copper was a material that simply could not be printed easily on a LPBF device, but here it seems that EOS has designed the EOS M 300-4 to be able to handle the unusual properties of copper and copper alloys.

EOS explained the material choice will broaden in the future:

“At launch, the EOS M 300-4 1kW is ideal for applications in aviation, energy, government and defense; and mobility/transportation industries that leverage AlSi10Mg, copper and copper alloys. During 2024, the system material portfolio will be expanded according to customer demand.”

Pricing was not published for this machine, but EOS explained that it has the “best cost-per-volume” for the aluminum alloy on the market.

The machine is set to be shipped some time this coming February.


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