Exploring EasyMFG: A Chinese 3D Printer Manufacturer’s Product Line

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Industrial binder jet 3D printers [Sources: EasyMFG]

I had a look at a 3D printer company I hadn’t previously encountered, EasyMFG.

In the West it’s hard to understand the sheer number of Chinese 3D printer manufacturers, mostly because many of them haven’t yet established a Western presence. Nevertheless, some of these companies are quite large and offer a surprising array of 3D printing products.

One of them is Wuhan-based EasyMFG, which specializes in binder jet technology.

The company was set up only ten years ago, and since then they’ve introduced a variety of binder jet technology devices. In 2015 they launched a full color 3D printer. In 2016 they adapted their technology to produce a sand 3D printer, again using binder jets. In 2018 they launched a metal 3D printer based on binder jet technology, where post processing is required. They say they were the first Chinese company to produce a metal binder jet 3D printer.

How can this be done? Binder jet technology involves use of high resolution inkjets that sweep over a bed of powder, which in EasyMFG’s case could be polymer, sand or metal. The binder is selectively dropped from the inkjets, fusing together sections of powder.

Post processing can complete the fusion process, which is particularly necessary for metal 3D printing with binder jet technology.

Currently EasyMFG offers two industrial metal 3D printers, the Easy3DP-M500, with a 500 x 450 x 400 mm build volume, and the Easy3DP-M450, with a 450 x 220 x 300 mm build volume. These devices will require post processing sintering equipment.

Sand 3D printers are typically used to create complex molds for metal casting. EasyMFG has three models with this technology, including the Easy3DP-S1200 with a massive build volume of 1200 x 600 x600 mm, the Easy3DP-S500 with build volume of 500 x 450 x 450 mm, and the smaller Easy3DP-S450 with a build volume of 450 x 220 x 300 mm.

Note that the build volumes are similar between the metal and sand equipment, suggesting that EasyMFG is able to re-purpose most of their design for the different metal and sand applications.

Finally, they offer the Easy3DP-G450, which is a full color 3D printer. This device can produce objects will full color gradient textures, as the inkjets deposit colored binder. The device has a build volume of 450 x 220 x 300 mm.

We haven’t seen these machines in the West, but it’s likely at some point EasyMFG may establish regional offices in Europe and in North America, where they can then market their products to new customers.

Via EasyMFG

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