Farsoon’s Expansion: 500 Tonnes of 3D Printing Material per Year

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Front view of a new materials plant [Source: Farsoon]

Farsoon is embarking on a massive physical expansion of their facilities.

The Chinese company is well known for their line of industrial 3D printers. They make solutions for both metal and polymer applications, and it’s not just hardware; they make materials for these machines as well.

With customers in 30 countries around the globe, the company now has offices in the USA, Europe, and Russia (!) but their headquarters is located in Hunan, China.

Farsoon equipment at a customer site [Source: Farsoon]

Recently the company announced a very significant expansion of their material production facilities in China. This month their new “Advanced Material Factory” started PA6 & PA12 production after a 20-month period of construction. The new plant is truly massive, with a floor space of 13,000sm (140,000sf). The new plant can apparently produce 500 tonnes of polymer 3D printing material each year. For perspective, that would be equivalent to 500,000 spools of filament, although they’re actually making powder for their SLS system.

In addition to materials production, the new facility also includes a research arm. There Farsoon materials scientists will work with clients on new material compositions for specific applications.

Factory site concept [Source: Farsoon]

What’s most interesting about this announcement is that the new facility is on a plot of land that is actually 6X larger than the new plant. This means that Farsoon has plenty of room for further expansion.

In the future may see the company build a metal materials production center, or a new factory for building 3D printers. Or both, as they certainly have room for a lot more activity.

It’s important to note that they bill the latest expansion as “phase one”.

Via Farsoon

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