FormFutura Partners with 3D Printlife

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FormFutura Partners with 3D Printlife
Spools of FormFutura’s 3D print materials [Source: 3D Printlife]


3D Printlife has made an arrangement with FormFutura to sell their exceptional 3D printer filaments in the North America.

3D Printlife is a reseller of both 3D printers and materials, but is perhaps best known for their selection of “green” 3D printer filaments. Their eco portfolio currently consists of:

  • Eco-friendly ABS
  • Eco-friendly PETG
  • Biodegradable Semi-flexible

In addition to the eco-products, the company’s own materials include a variety of other popular items, including two varieties of water-soluble filament. They also resell materials from notable producers including Filamentive, Keene Village Plastics, FibreTuff, and Copper3D, who offer a bio-safe copper-infused filament.

Now FormFutura joins the others on 3D Printlife’s product shelf.

FormFutura Background

Sample 3D print using FormFutura’s Galaxy Blue PLA material [Source: 3D Printlife]

FormFutura launched in 2012 to provide PLA and ABS filaments, and since then has become one of the most popular providers of 3D printer materials. Based in the Netherlands, FormFutura now carries an incredible variety of material options, ranging from ABS to TPU. By my count today, the company offers over 50 different 3D printer filaments as well as a number of resins. Many of their products are engineering-grade, and thus appropriate for professional use.

FormFutura focuses on the eco-friendliness of many aspects of their operations, with one example being their spool design. They say:

“At Formfutura we truly believe that desktop 3D printing can have a major contribution in creating a more sustainable society.”

As one of the premier materials providers, FormFutura products frequently appear in pre-made print profiles provided by 3D printer manufacturers. This means that you can often use FormFutura materials directly with great confidence that you will receive optimal print results — if you use the associated print profile. Some popular 3D printer manufacturers providing such profiles include Raise3D, Ultimaker and Creality. There are many more.

Being located in the Netherlands, FormFutura can easily access the European market. However, when selling overseas to Asia or North America, clients would suffer from higher costs due to shipping. That’s why FormFutura has partnered with regional resellers, like 3D Printlife, who can move the products in bulk across oceans, and then still sell them at reasonable pricing in local markets.

FormFutura and 3D Printlife

Sample 3D print using FormFutura’s PP material [Source: 3D Printlife]

FormFutura’s Commercial Manager, Edgar Schoorl, said:

“We are excited to partner with 3D Printlife and have them join our community of resellers. Since 3D Printlife will be able to supply directly from stock, the leadtimes will be limited to one or two days. This will enable U.S. customers to use our 3D printing materials within their production process, resulting in lower production costs and a shorter time to market.”

3D Printlife is offering the following FormFutura materials:

  • ApolloX: UV- and weather-resistant modified ASA
  • Centaur PP: Food contact, dishwasher, and microwave safe high-performance Polypropylene
  • TitanX: ABS with vastly improved mechanical properties, including over 65% more impact resistance than standard ABS
  • Galaxy PLA: PLA with silver aluminum-flakes producing an extremely glittering & shimmering surface finish
  • Silk Gloss PLA: Shiny silk gloss surface finish without visible layers and fine detail
FormFutura’s ApolloX ASA material [Source: 3D Printlife]

I’m particularly interested in the ApolloX ASA material, as it allows for printing of parts to be used outdoors where they won’t degrade in the sunlight.

There are plenty more products from FormFutura, but the key word here from 3D Printlife is “initial offering”. That strongly suggests the company will be adding more FormFutura products to their shelf in the future.

These FormFutura products are now available at 3D Printlife’s online store, so there’s no waiting to get them. If you’re looking for some high-quality filament products, these are worth checking out.

Via 3D Printlife

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